STR-21G Sun Trackers

Model: STR-21G Make: Eko

Key Highlights

    * A single-arm, 2-axis sun tracker with an easy, fully automated setup procedure and low power consumption, the STR-21G is built to deliver unparalleled precision, optimal positioning, and reliability, whatever the weather. * Measurand: Global, Diffuse and Direct Radiation. * Sensor Type: Harmonic Drive® mechanical gear system * Signal Output: RS-232 serial Interface * Supplied With: 10 m cable, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates

Category: Sun Tracker

A Sun Tracker is a device that is used to orient a solar panel, mirror or other optical device in such a way that it follows the sun’s movement across the sky. This allows the device to capture the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day, which increases its energy efficiency.

The STR-21G is a model of Sun Tracker. It is designed for use in large-scale solar power generation projects, such as utility-scale solar farms. The STR-21G is a single-axis tracker, which means that it is capable of moving the solar panel or other device in one plane, typically the plane of the equator. This allows the device to track the sun’s movement from east to west throughout the day.

The STR-21G is a durable and reliable piece of equipment, built to withstand extreme weather conditions and withstand high winds. It is also designed to be easy to install and maintain, with minimal downtime required for maintenance and repairs.

The STR-21G Sun Tracker uses a number of sensors and controllers to track the sun’s movement, including a sun sensor, a GPS receiver, and a control system. The sun sensor detects the position of the sun in the sky, and the GPS receiver is used to determine the tracker’s location. The control system then calculates the optimal position for the solar panel or other device to capture the maximum amount of sunlight, and moves the device accordingly.

In addition to increasing the energy efficiency of the solar panels, the use of a sun tracker also increases the overall power output of the solar system. This is because a single-axis tracker can increase the energy capture by up to 25% when compared to a fixed-tilt system. With this system, the generated power can be increased by the same percentage, depending on the system and location.

The STR-21G is capable of handling large solar panels or arrays, and it is well-suited for use in large-scale solar power generation projects. As a single-axis tracker it can handle a wide range of solar panel sizes and configurations, and the system can be customized to meet the specific needs of any project. With a robust and reliable design, the STR-21G Sun Tracker is a great choice for organizations looking to maximize the efficiency and power output of their solar power generation systems.

The compact single-arm sun tracker is perfectly suited to support all kinds of Global, Diffuse, and Direct Radiation measurement sensors. STR-21G is the base of the Solar Monitoring Systems (STR-21G-S), a turnkey measurement solution from EKO. The STR-21G provides a fully automated setup procedure through a GPS receiver providing increased reliability and enhanced functionality.

From sunrise to sunset the compact sun-tracker guarantees accurate sun tracking and pointing of the attached solar sensors. The 2-axis tracker automatically adjusts to the sun’s position by the sun sensor closed-loop control system, even if the tracker is not oriented or leveled properly.

The sun-tracker comes standard with a small table tripod (larger tripod available). The 24 VDC low-power consumption tracker can be powered by a solar-powered battery system or DC power supply. A wide-range AC power adapter can be supplied to connect to the grid.

For over 20 years our clients who have deployed the STR sun-tracker, have experienced the ease of set-up, operating, and reliable tracking.


* Meteorological research * Solar energy monitoring * Environmental monitoring * Solar PV Plant


* All-Weather Tracking with Integrated GPS Receiver & 4-Quadrant Sun Sensor * Low Power Consumption * Quick, Easy, Fully Automated Setup * Easy Integration with any DAQ system * Harmonic Drive® mechanical gear system, for maximum positioning accuracy * Deployed in Antarctica, proven in extreme climates worldwide

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